Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello folks, my name is Miguel, and I will be working on an installation art piece for the lobby of the Rollins during the run of The Gyre. The exact piece is still a work in progress but I just wanted to put out there where I am currently headed.

I suppose what I really wanted to do was create something relevant while taking something already known and figuring it out how to make it new, for me. First I took what I had, the gyre. I think it was the initial discovery of the oceanic garbage patch that I was mostly drawn to. I have this picture in my head of a boat cutting through the gyre finding a waste land of our trash. The idea of wadding through those waters is so spooky to me. So an image of a boat dragging its way through our garbage was the image that replayed itself in my brain till it burned and ingrained itself in there. After a while I was envisioning scenes from Apocalypse Now; once again a boat ride. It was pretty easy from that point on to better see that most of our media, be it the news, films, and music have been pushing extra hard a recurrent theme of a Doomsday Scenario.----- Global warming. Polar bears on glaciers. Forests on fire. Smoke in the air. Bombs over Baghdad. Airports. Red threat levels. Green threat levels. Aliens. Asteroids. Disease.--- All of these things we filter daily. Paradoxically our world is becoming increasingly fragmented by an already fragmented world. The 'End of the World' is one of our most popular, popular culture themes ever. So then I felt I had the direction I would be going with this; apocalypse. I opted out of the optimistic angle. With that I had two components to the piece but something was still missing for me and that was it needed something old that can provoke an air of timelessness. A myth perhaps? What came to mind when I thought of boats and myths was the boat ride to Hades. And there it was. A mythical guide taking souls over to the afterlife by way of boat across a treacherous river. From there I threw in a few skeletons and an evil looking pelican and I had something I liked.

Here are a few images that I like or find inspiration in...

Renderings will soon follow...

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