Monday, June 1, 2009


We've had conversations about cameras in the show and then there's the where do we put all our shit? conversation.   These 2 themes are the inspiration for this post.

I walk roscoe 5 days a week.  Regular locations are: lady bird lake by Holly Power Plant and auditorium shores.  A few weeks ago while we were walking by the first location, roscoe and I encountered undoubtedly human feces with soiled TP everywhere.   Then at the shores, you really have to watch where you walk, because you could step in it.  Not to mention another pile of human feces on the first street bridge.   All this shit hit home in the context of Gyre.

How does this relate to cameras?   It's an effective solution to this problem.  Cameras everywhere. Cameras. Cameras. Cameras.  All public spaces should have cameras.   Save that Alex Jones - big brother you're always being watched junk for the band campers.    As long as you are picking-up after your dog and not defecating in public areas, cameras are no problem in this context.  Connect the person who does not pick-up after their dog with the car they drove to the shores and send them a $350 citation.  That should clean-up the park!

London has cameras everywhere.  They find kids when they're missing and locate and thwart terrorism with these tools.

This is public monitoring, not private big brother monitoring.  

There is a public space vs. private space theme here that seems to connect to The Grye Project.

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