Monday, June 1, 2009


There is a perception that this version of Gyre needs a new name or a subtitle. There are no suggestions that are even marginally better than Grye

The rationale for the change is focused on two basic assumptions:  that ADT audiences might not come see a show that "they've seen before" and the work is so different from previous iterations that we have to change the title.  

In the first case, ADT hard core audiences will not be dissuaded from coming because the title is the same.  In fact, they might be more motivated based upon the previous runs.   We've never had sold-out multiple night, packed houses anyway.   Perhaps people have missed Gyre and regretted it and will be pulled-in this time.

In the second case, you could be putting-up Our Town at the Rollins and it wouldn't make it critical that the title change.  Changing the cast, what is happening with the script, how rehearsals are going - none of these components dictate that the title change.  Gyre refers to a circular movement, that  motion is our central production design theme.   Is that circular movement no longer a thematic element in the script, character development and choreography? Our show has developed way out from the North Pacific Gyre and Charles Moore, but Gyre is still the best title.

With much love and respect to everyone, the search for a new title is a distraction borne out of a vapid marketing concern and an erroneous semantic analysis that says that the newest version dictates that we change the title.

Gyre is a bitchin' one word title
Gyre started at the Blue, then the Off Center and now the Long Center
Gyre directly connects to the show as it is now and then
Unless a new title or variation comes up that is overwhelmingly better, we should suspend this effort to change it and continue producing a killer show.

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