Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Since I also spend a daily hour in a city park with Roscoe, I have to agree that making people responsible and to get them to pick up their shit, or their dog's shit, is very difficult if there is not a consequence.  Hence, cameras and a fine.  It is annoying, disgusting and actually unbelievable that people leave their trash, dog shit.... or clearly also their own shit, where they drop it.  HELLO?  

It reminds me of a child learning responsibility.  We learn through consequence.  If someone has never had a consequence for certain behavior maybe they will never be aware of it or change it.  I think the first step is maybe education & awareness - there are ways to bring attention to this, as a community, to inspire change.  

On the other side, what about more toilet resources available for those who don't have the luxury of having a home with one?

What about more trash bins, with signs in whatever languages are needed, that encourage cleaning up.  That promote that this is their park too.  Take care of it.  For you and for everyone else you share it with.  Look how beautiful it is!  

It comes down to awareness. responsibility.  How much are we willing to do to help those who don't have these things?  

It sounds hard to catch the owner of a dog who hasn't picked up the poop.  Maybe there could be poop patrol cops, who just walk around watching dogs poop and watch to see if the owner picks it up or walks away.  Maybe these folks have to have the threat of the ticket to WAKE UP!

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