Tuesday, June 2, 2009


First, once again - a big thanks to everyone's participation in our title search.  I am interested in dialogues, points of view and perspectives in all parts of this process and in the work itself.  I think it starts with our process as a group.  What do we all think and have to say?  I am grateful that you are willing to put your ideas out there and that we can create a process that we feel safe and invested to do that.

Thank you Colin for providing the podcast links.  Check them out.... lots of interesting stuff in both of these!

Also, Colin you put forth a very solid argument in favor of the title Gyre.  You nudged me back in that direction.  HOWEVER, in our prod. design meeting today (before I had read this) everything seems to have shifted.  FLUSH.

Ariel Dance Theatre presents 


 The Gyre Project, Part III

 so far this is maybe my fav way of including the language about "The Gyre Project"  

 other ideas?

 Sleeping on this -  but there seems to be a consensus coming in in favor of FLUSH.


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